Message to All Employees

HEINEKEN has grown into the world’s most international brewer and the Heineken® brand into the world’s most iconic beer brand. It is our ambition to continue our growth oriented strategy going forward. In order for that growth to be sustainable we need to be clear on how we conduct our business.

Sustainable growth requires that we act according to our long-standing values of Enjoyment, Respect and Passion. These values guide us in how we work and conduct our business each and every day; they are at the heart of our Code of Business Conduct.

This Code, together with its underlying policies, describes what is expected from all our employees – individually and as a team – in every market and at every level.

We are a performance-driven company, passionate about our business and achieving our goals. This means seizing opportunities and developing our business on a daily basis with fairness, integrity, respect for the law and this Code.

This Code empowers and gives guidance to all employees in recognising and dealing confidently with our day-to-day challenges. Adherence is an integral part of how we conduct our business. Its success relies upon your commitment. Your commitment to familiarise yourself with this Code; to discuss possible dilemmas with your colleagues, manager, legal counsel or trusted representative; to be transparent and to speak up when you perceive possible violations of this Code.

HEINEKEN is a great company. Combining our expertise and passion with taking responsibility for our values and this Code, will pave the way for future success.

The Heineken Code Of Business Conduct

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