BORN IN AMSTERDAM - Raised by the World

Our Roots - Since 1873

In 1873, Gerard Heineken, a young entrepreneur, discovered a passion for brewing. He purchased land in what is now the centre of Amsterdam, built a brewery and set about perfecting the recipe that would soon become Holland’s first premium lager beer. Word quickly spread and the name Heineken®, stamped onto every single bottle, became a national symbol of quality. Over the next 140 years, his brewery expanded and Gerard’s children and grandchildren explored new worlds, but the name on the bottle always remained the same. Today, four generations later, they’re still passionate about brewing a truly premium beer.

At the heart of Heineken®’s success lies pure, natural ingredients: malted barley, water, hops and a small but significant extra called A-Yeast. This Heineken®’s unique A-Yeast is responsible for the rich balanced taste and subtle fruity notes that have distinguished every single Heineken® since the 19th century.

Over the years our master brewers continued to perfect their craft. We learned that fermenting our beer in horizontal tanks instead of the industry-standard vertical creates the perfect pressure for our A-Yeast. That’s what gives each Heineken® its characteristic balanced, rich taste. We also learned that it takes 28 days to brew a beautiful golden-yellow beer. Sure, that’s much longer than average, but we prefer patience above compromising on quality.

It’s been 140 years since Heineken® has been able to call itself a microbrewer. And while we’re proud that 25 million Heineken® are served each day across 192 countries, we’ve never forgotten that the quality is measured not in the size of your brand but in the purity of your beer. Even as we continue to open up to new worlds, Gerard’s uncompromised drive for quality and perfection still lives on in the Heineken family.

Our local roots - HEINEKEN South Africa

Although many of our brands have long been present in South Africa, 2016 was our first official year as an independent entity: HEINEKEN South Africa. We were quick to harness the production potential that our state of the art brewery in Sedibeng offered, growing rapidly.

We have grown significantly since our official inception in 2016 and our brand offering and impact on the ‘local beer scene’ has been significant. We are constantly adapting, innovating and adding new products to satisfy our local consumers’ expectations and tastes.

Globally we prescribe to our sustainability ambitions to Brew a Better World, which means we prescribe to our global commitments to the environment, to social sustainability and we encourage responsible consumption of alcohol.



We are HEINEKEN South Africa – part of a global company that is proud to be in South Africa.