On the path to an inclusive, fair and equitable company and world

HEINEKEN South Africa’s path to an inclusive, fair and equitable company and world

  1. Embrace inclusion and diversity

HEINEKEN’s 2030 commitments raise the company’s social sustainability ambitions including a continued focus on inclusion and diversity.

While today the percentage of women represented in senior management at HEINEKEN has doubled from a decade ago, much opportunity remains. For the first time, HEINEKEN is establishing an external gender commitment to increase women represented in senior management to 30% by 2025 and 40% by 2030 on the path to gender balance.

By 2023, at least 65% of country leadership teams in each region will be comprised of regional nationals with the aim of enhancing cultural diversity and local leadership representation. In addition, by 2023, all managers globally will be trained in inclusive leadership practices continuing this long running programme.


With the aim of ensuring all of its more than 80,000 global employees feel a deep sense of belonging, HEINEKEN fosters a community of over 100 inclusion and diversity ambassadors. These ambassadors, in close partnership with our local leadership teams, help curate action plans that address locally relevant challenges to ensure continual progress on topics like culture, race, gender and beyond. This approach continues at a local level in South Africa across our brewery, offices and remote employees across the country.

  1. Fair and safe workplace

Globally the company commits to equal pay for equal work between female and male colleagues. The company will have assessed all countries and have action plans in place for any remaining gaps no later than 2023.

Beyond this HEINEKEN will use third-party assessments to benchmark and ensure every employee will earn not just a minimum legal wage but rather a fair wage no later than 2023, with a focus on the most vulnerable communities.

Beyond HEINEKEN’s direct employees, the company will continue its work to ensure fair living and working standards for third party employees and brand promoters in line with its commitment to the Consumer Goods Forum Human Rights Coalition and actions to date.

As in the past, HEINEKEN will also continue its strong commitment to safety, human rights and business conduct.

  1. Impact on communities

HEINEKEN is establishing social impact initiatives in every market supporting one or more of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. It will also continue to support smallholder farmers by sourcing agricultural ingredients in Africa, aiming for a 50% increase in volume by 2025 compared to 2020.

Beyond this in South Africa, HEINEKEN’s local initiatives ensure we continue to support and enhance the quality of life for those in the communities in which we operate. We engage with local stakeholders to assist with real challenges and issues on the ground.