The path to moderation and no harmful use of alcohol

The path to moderation and no harmful use of alcohol

  1. Always a choice

For HEINEKEN, Brew a Better World also means empowering consumers by providing choice, transparency and with zero tolerance for the harmful use of alcohol.

Building on the success of Heineken® 0.0, as of 2020 HEINEKEN has over 130 non-alcoholic line extensions. The company will continue to invest in innovations across its low and non-alcoholic portfolio to make it increasingly easier for consumers to reach for a low or non-alcoholic option depending on their preference and the occasion.

By 2023, the company will ensure two zero-alcohol options are available in the majority of its markets. In South Africa we have already developed multiple offerings in the low alcohol and no alcohol category so consumers have a choice not to drink at any occasion.


  1. Addressing harmful use

In addition, HEINEKEN continues to be strongly committed to tackling the harmful use of alcohol. HEINEKEN South Africa will continue to cultivate local partnerships to address alcohol harm including topics like the prevention of underage drinking, drunk-driving and binge drinking. We are committed to helping our governments and municipalities ensure their communities make responsible choices.

We are a founding member of in South Africa, our national body equipped to speak to the youth in particular regarding responsible use of alcohol. The organisation runs multiple outreach programmes and above and below the line advertising campaigns regarding the importance of moderation and responsible consumption.


  1. Champion moderation

HEINEKEN uses the power and reach of its flagship brand and commits 10% of all Heineken® media spend to advance responsible consumption campaigns, to achieve the ambition to reach one billion people with moderation messaging every year.

We work with local key influencers and our brand to ensure we make moderation and responsible consumption, cool.